In 2020, there will be a new version (or more) of Africa Twin on the roads. We will update this page regularly with the latest announcements / rumors about this bike that already arouses some impatience...

News feed for Africa Twin 2020

Update 08/08/19 : precision about the release date

According to our sources, it seems that the new Africa Twin is planned around October 2019. Is this only the public presentation of the bike or the official release, we do not know for now. We will obviously try to keep you informed as soon as we know more.

Preview haracteristics of Africa Twin 2020 (rumors - assumed)

The technical data of this "Super" Africa Twin 2020 that all the press was eager to share all seem to come from the same source (which has often been wrong in the past) namely the Japanese magazine Young Machine. It would be good to be cautious about the following rumors...

Super Africa par moto-station

  - Increased the engine capacity to 1100cc to exceed the power of 100hp

  - Increased tank capacity beyond 20L

  - New 7-gears DCT gearbox

  - New color TFT dashboard

  - Keyless system

The information that we could get from Honda France seem to confirm that there is something in the pipes that would complete the Africa Twin's range, a Super Africa Twin therefore, in addition to the other two (Standard and Adventure Sports). It will certainly wait until EICMA 2020 in Milan for a confirmation or another leak by then to be sure of it! We will enrich this article as we go along.

Super Africa MCN

A "super" Africa Twin, what does it look like?